Welcome to Fandom Regalia

Welcome to Fandom Regalia!

You have just entered a world where gaming and fiction inspired ideas can come to life in one perfect piece of jewellery! Shop here! New pieces added regularly.

Fandom Regalia is the joint effort of two Toronto (Canada) based jewellers, Amanda Henderson and Zsolt Szekely. Here you’ll find a platform where gaming, fictional, and historical symbols and characters can come to life in one exquisite piece of jewellery. Whether it is a pendant, cufflinks, a pair of earrings or rings for all occasions, Zsolt and Amanda can make it!

While they just cutting their teeth when it comes to gaming, after looking at their portfolios, you will come to learn that their passion and curiosity for the world of gaming and geekdom is immense.

Combining their technical skills and artistic abilities and design expertise,  Amanda and Zsolt can take any concept or idea and turn it into a custom-made, timeless piece of jewellery.  Much like the characters and stories we all love and enjoy, the finished piece will be one you can cherish as much as you do the experience of the story itself.

One look at the work Amanda and Zsolt create time and time again, and you will fall in love with their unique style, elegance, and craftsmanship the likes of which Redditors all over the world can both appreciate and fangasm over.

Please feel free to contact them with any inquiries you may have to Amanda and Zsolt from Fandom Regalia, They would be happy to hear from you!